This blog,  Aisya Azman : The Blog is a personal blog of an individual. All views, thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions and interpretations of experiences shared in this blog are personal. They arise from and belong solely to the author.
I write solely of my own personal experiences, thoughts, opinions, ideas and feelings, and not those of any other individual or group of individuals. The writing and voice on this blog is entirely mine, and in no way intends to speak on behalf of, represent nor reflect upon any individual, group of individuals, brands, institutions, clubs, associations, companies or organisations, unless explicitly stated.
My blog posts are written as personal expression, reflecting my own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, and it is not my intention that any blog post hurts nor maligns any individual, group of individuals, institutions or organisations, racial, LGBT, ethnic or cultural groups, or religions.
Also, because I am human and not an android, my opinions, thoughts, feelings and interpretations of experiences and events around me are likely to change over time, as I experience new things, and gain more knowledge and information. This blog doesn’t purport to speak unchanging and universal truths; it is a personal expression of how I perceive things at any given time during my blogging journey. I reserve the right to change these opinions, thoughts and feelings in my writing as my own thoughts and time evolve.


As all the written and photographic material on this blog is original content produced by me (unless explicitly stated and cited), the copyright of all content belongs to me/ this website. Feel free to link to me but if you would like to re-use any of the material here, cite or quote me, I would appreciate it if you would just drop me an email to ask my permission first (though I’m really very nice and am likely to say yes!) – aisyaazman.blogspot (at) gmail [dot] com


Comments are welcome but as the owner and author of the blog I reserve the right to delete or edit comments at my discretion, particularly if they are inaccurate, offensive, rude, include profanities, spam, or contains hate speech or any pointed attacks at any individual or group.

If you wish to know more about me or any issues I write about in the blog, please email me at aisyaazman.blogspot (at) gmail [dot] com
One last thing
This blog is my private space and I have the right to pretty much do what I like on it. I am, after all, writing as a personal endeavour and not to please nor disparage anyone in particular. If after all this, my blog and writing still offends and upsets you, may I suggest you visit one of the billions of other blogs widely available throughout the great WWW, which may not only be much more brilliant in content and style, but also bring you much greater reading pleasure.


Thank You For the Time Spent, Guys. Do Leave A Comment!

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