I am Aisyah. 28 years old and a graduate in Architecture. Dreaming on pursuing my dreams to be a successful Architect. InsyaAllah.  A big fan of minimalistic designs. Huge love for animals but not bugs. I love to know about cultures and believes. I love books. Books are life. Coffee and deep conversations is my fave past time. I enjoy make-ups like other girls but i am not passionate enough to be a professional since i only wear it during special events. I love spicy food. English is not my forte. Pretty obsessed with cats and cute stuffs. I love music from different genres. Rock, Alternatives, Soft-core, Hard-Core, Post Rock you name it.

I have been blogging since i was a rebellious teenager and that was years and years ago. But somehow i private the blog for some personal reasons.

Thank You For the Time Spent, Guys. Do Leave A Comment!

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